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Google Developer Student Club

Bridging the gap between theory and practice. Powered by Google Developers.

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Diablo Valley College

We are a student technology club focused on improving our skillsets. Connect with other students on campus who are interested in development. Learn about various topics via workshops, project opportunities, and club hackathons. Grow as you apply your knowledge, and help build solutions to local problems.

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GDSC Opportunities

  • Participating in hackathons can help you showcase your coding skills, collaborate with other developers, and even win prizes.
  • Have a chance to become an officer or verified developer by contributing to projects.
  • Engaging with the community enables you to learn from others' experiences, share knowledge, and present your own projects.
  • We organize events, workshops, and tech talks that bring together students, developers, and industry experts.

We have...

  • over 70 active members
  • one meeting every two weeks
  • one Hackathon event every Spring